Education With Integrity

Stream Street College is a Christian organisation that is upholding a high standard of morality. We do not only look at a student's academic performance; we are also very concerned with the moral development of our wards. In today's society morality is in decline and children are being taken advantage of by those who would profess to take good care of them. By bringing your child to Stream Street College you place your child in an environment where that child is in safe hands.

Stream Street College - More than a school!

  1. Yes!—We have a policy of employing very experienced teachers ~We know that for students to succeed they need to understand what is being taught. That is why we only employ very good, experienced teachers who, through their many years of classroom experience, truly know how to teach to the understanding of their pupils.

  2. Yes!—Our Classrooms are spacious, modern and well-ventilated ~We are a remedial school that is focused on creating an environment to help our students learn.

  3. Yes!—We have foundation courses for maths, english and science (EMS) ~we have seen that there are large gaps in many student's understanding of the fundamentals and we fill these gaps through our foundation courses. This means that our students are able to go on and understand all they need to pass exams well.

  4. Yes!—We have classes teaching discipline and offering motivation ~We believe that if a student is happy and disciplined it leads to examination success.

  5. Yes!—We have a large hostel facility inside our campus ~Ideally we want our students to live with us so that we can guide them to examination success.

  6. Yes!—We have compulsory evening prep sessions each week day ~We believe that to attend class is not enough—a subject must be learnt

  7. Yes!—We have weekly (non-compulsory) bible study groups ~In these groups our wards are invited to discuss the bible in an informal setting to get a greater understanding of what the bible says and means and how it relates to the way we lead our lives.

  8. Yes!—We provide a Sunday church service inside our campus ~The service is not to stop residents from attending their existing place of worship, but rather for residents who do not have a church to attend because they are away from home. It is our desire that there should be fellowship with Our Lord Jesus Christ.

  9. Yes!—We have security on the campus 24 hours a day, seven days a week ~By bringing your child to Stream Street College you place your child in an environment where that child is in safe hands.

There is a whole lot more that we do besides this to help our students achieve their fullest potential. Please feel free to have a look around this web site to learn about what we are doing to help our students attain examination success and then when you are ready;