Education With Integrity

Stream Street College is a Christian organisation that is upholding a high standard of morality. We do not only look at a student's academic performance; we are also very concerned with the moral development of our wards. In today's society morality is in decline and children are being taken advantage of by those who would profess to take good care of them. By bringing your child to Stream Street College you place your child in an environment where that child is in safe hands.

 Stream Street College for  Examination Success!

At Stream Street College we want our students to attend the school for one graduating period. We are all too aware of other remedial schools where too many of their students do not succeed at the first time of asking and have to repeat it all again (and this is if they are lucky enough to have parents who can afford all of the fees again). We see schools where the students are not properly supervised and we advise parents against sending their children to schools that will waste their money and their children's time.

We know that, with the correct teaching, discipline and motivation, a student should do very well in their examinations at the first time of asking. There really is no need to attend a remedial school after attending our school.Stream Street College is here to help student to make top grades and enable them to enter tertiary institutions to prepare them for the next stage of their life's journey. We only require that our students are ready to make the same commitment to their education that we are making.

At Stream Street College, our philosophy is that through the education that we provide, we equip our students with the confidence and abilities to not only achieve the grades that they require in their WASSCE, but also to achieve great things in life.