Education With Integrity

Stream Street College is a Christian organisation that is upholding a high standard of morality. We do not only look at a student's academic performance; we are also very concerned with the moral development of our wards. In today's society morality is in decline and children are being taken advantage of by those who would profess to take good care of them. By bringing your child to Stream Street College you place your child in an environment where that child is in safe hands.

 Stream Street College for  Moral Guidance and Motivation

We believe that in order to get the best out of our students it is important to both motivate them and provide moral leadership. 

What do we mean by morality? The answer for us, lies in the set of social standards in Ghana that do not involve religion and are agreed upon by all fair-minded and decent people. For example, actions that impact negatively upon the welfare of others, such as lying, sexual promiscuity, stealing and violence are considered to be from undesirable morals. Meanwhile actions that impact positively on individuals and society, such as honesty, fairness, self-discipline and industriousness are thought of as being good morals.

How is moral development achieved? We believe moral development is fostered by adult control and the communication of cultural values, beliefs and ethics. Less obvious types of support, such as role modeling, may also foster our youth's moral development. Providing students with opportunities to question their own moral reasoning and behavior will foster moral development. Discussing the intentions, perspectives, and judgments of characters within a moral dilemma can also foster moral development.

We believe that schools should develop ideals in its wards, promote integrity and contribute towards character development. However, it is also our opinion that, while all schools should assist in moral development, they must be very careful not to impose their own values upon students. For example, a Christian School must never try to influence the religious beliefs of students who follow different faiths.

By aiding with a student's moral development we believe you help that student to become a more disciplined individual. However, this is only half of the story. Alongside moral leadership, we also provide motivation to our wards so as to inspire them to apply themselves fully to their studies. We try to show our wards that life is full of many wonderful opportunities when an individual is committed to doing the best that he or she is capable of.

Beneath we list some of what we do to provide moral leadership and motivate our wards;

Yes!—We have classes teaching discipline and offering motivation ~We believe that if a student is happy and disciplined it leads to examination success.

  1. Yes!—We have weekly (non-compulsory) bible study groups ~In these groups our wards are invited to discuss the bible in an informal setting to get a greater understanding of what the bible says and means.

  2. Yes!—We have compulsory study sessions each week day ~We believe that to attend class is not enough—a subject must be learnt

  3. Yes!—Guest speakers visit the school to talk to the students ~At Stream Street College we invite guest speakers from various walks of life, be they business leaders to religious speakers, to talk to our students about their successes and let them understand that it is through hard work that they will succeed.

  4. Yes!—We offer counselling and guidance to our wards ~We offer counselling and guidance to any of our students that are in need of it to help them to make the right choices and avoid practises that will do them no good.

  5. Yes!—We have security on the campus 24 hours a day, seven days a week ~By bringing your child to Stream Street College you place your child in an environment where that child is in safe hands.