Education With Integrity

Stream Street College is a Christian organisation that is upholding a high standard of morality. We do not only look at a student's academic performance; we are also very concerned with the moral development of our wards. In today's society morality is in decline and children are being taken advantage of by those who would profess to take good care of them. By bringing your child to Stream Street College you place your child in an environment where that child is in safe hands.

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Education is of fundamental importance to who we are, the values that we hold and to what we are able to achieve.
At Stream Street College, we make sure that we really do educate our students, not only for academic success, but also to help them grow as human beings. A lot of attention goes into the details of the education we provide because we want our students to achieve the grades that they require at the first time of asking. We only require that our students are ready to make the same commitment to their education that we are making.

Through the education that we provide, we equip our students with the confidence and abilities to not only achieve the grades that they require in their WASSCE, but also to achieve great things in life.

At Stream Street College, our students have the opportunity to learn from experienced tutors and cultivate strong relationships with them. Our accomplished tutors have strong academic credentials and experience in helping students to maximize their success in examinations. Tutors are also available at set times outside of normal teaching hours to aid students with any particular areas that need addressing.

Some of what we do to maximize our students chances of examination success are listed below;

Yes!—We hold regular class examinations ~Students of Stream Street College sit regular class examinations to monitor their progress.

  1. Yes!—We have compulsory study sessions each week day ~We believe that to attend class is not enough—a subject must be learnt

  2. Yes!—Our tutors are available outside normal class time ~Tutors at Stream Street College have set open hours where they are available to students to provide extra help when needed.

  3. Yes!—We have large, well-ventilated and modern classrooms ~At Stream Street College, we believe that the teaching environment plays an important role—if it is a serious environment then the student will also be serious.

  4. Yes!—We hold mock examinations ~To allow students to see how they are progressing and to give examination practice, we hold mock examinations with the examinations from previous years.

  5. Yes!—We have classes teaching discipline and offering motivation ~We believe that if a student is happy and disciplined it will lead to a better attitude and examination success.

Registration are open; if you are ready to work hard to achieve your fullest potential:
Or send us a message using our contact page. Remember, at Stream Street College we have flexible payment terms so that your past results do not have to be a permanent barrier to you reaching your fullest potential, so call us today to get on the right path.





"It's not what is poured into a student that counts but what is planted"



"The instruction you follow determines the future you create."



"If you think education is expensive, try ignorance."



"In the 21st Century, the best anti-poverty program around is a world-class education.