Education With Integrity

Stream Street College is a Christian organisation that is upholding a high standard of morality. We do not only look at a student's academic performance; we are also very concerned with the moral development of our wards. In today's society morality is in decline and children are being taken advantage of by those who would profess to take good care of them. By bringing your child to Stream Street College you place your child in an environment where that child is in safe hands.


Welcome to Stream Street College, a WASSCE remedial school in Ghana that is focused on achieving educational excellence and providing moral leadership to our wards. We want to put integrity back into remedial schools and here you can find the information you may require to make the right decision about which college to choose for your WASSCE remedial classes.

Whether you are a parent or guardian, or looking for a remedial school for yourself, making the right choice now will have an impact on the rest of your life, or that of your ward's. Remember that the school that you choose to attend today can be the difference between examination success and a high flying career path or examination failure and a wasted opportunity.

Please, make sure that you take great care and find out all that you can about a school before choosing it. Ask questions about the teachers - are they experienced? Which schools have they taught at before?




At Stream Street College we do not only teach our students how to succeed in their WASSCE exams with excellent grades.  We provide moral and spiritual support helping them in achieving their dreams.                    


Welcome to Stream Street College, a WASSCE remedial school in Ghana that is focused on achieving educational excellence and providing moral leadership to our wards.


At Stream Street College we have hostel spaces inside our campus for our students. We want the students of our remedial school to be in an environment where we can look after them and make sure that they achieve good grades in their WASSCE


We have compulsory and supervised evening prep sessions and dawn classes each week. We provide intensive tuition to enable complete the GES syllabus within a period of one year —a subject must be learnt properly for a student to be truly successful in their field of education.


There is no need waiting and thinking, you are at the right place for success and quality education. Register Now!!!                                                                                                                                                                                         .


We are the leading WASSCE remedial schools in Ghana. We are very focused on creating an enabling environment to help our students achieve their set gaol. We have serene environment, discipline in our classrooms and smaller class size which makes teaching and learning effective and less stressful.


The answer for us, lies in the set of social standards in Ghana. Actions that impact negatively upon the welfare of others are considered to be  undesirable . Meanwhile actions that impact positively on individuals serve as being good morals.


We provide a Sunday church service inside our campus. We also provide weekly (non-compulsory) bible study Wednesdays and Friday prayer meetings. We have once a month worship and deliverance night every last Wednesday of each month. We provide effective counselling to our students to help them grow as individuals.